PM Narendra Modi extends his wishes to Indian forces on Armed Forces Flag Day

"About Armed Forces Flag Day we emphasise that the indomitable bravery of the drives along with our own families.  In addition, I recommend you to donate to the welfare of the drives," Modi tweeted.

 PM Modi chose to shared and twitter with a movie of those Indian forces' employees comprising officers rescue different men and women, marching using all the troop, becoming preoccupied with awards .

He appealed into this countrymen to share their appreciation in the direction of the indomitable bravery, valour and soul of devotion of armedforces with this particular occasion.

"With this particular occasion, why don't we state our gratitude to get its indomitable bravery, valour and soul of devotion to the Armed Forces and bear in mind the courageous soldiers,''" PM Modi explained throughout his yearly'Mann ki Baat' programme.
"Just an awareness of admiration doesn't suffice.  Contribution is additionally crucial and just about every citizen ought to return ahead on December seven and everybody needs to possess the flag of their armedforces on this day.  Everybody else needs to additionally donate," that the Prime Minister added.
From the 59th variant of'Mann Ki Baat' on Nov 2-4, the Prime Minister spoke about the need for Armed Forces Flag Day and paid tribute for the valour of armed powers and appealed people to donate to the wellbeing of their welfare of their employees of their armedforces.
 This really is your afternoon right after we pay homage to your courageous soldiers, to get their valour, their sacrifices, and also contribute," PM Modi additional.

Even the Prime Minister emphasized that only using a feeling of admiration isn't going to suffice as everybody else needs to even engage.

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