No one can take away your rights: PM Modi assures Assam amid anti-CAB protests

Even the Army had been set up in four different chambers to successfully quell the protests.

At a succession of tweets, the prime minister promised people living from the north east, which nobody will simply take their rights away and distinctive individuality.
The curfew at Guwahati, that has been enforced at 6.15 pm, also was expanded before intervening interval, Assam Police Added Director General (law-and-order ) Mukesh Agrawal explained.
PM Narendra Modi Guarantees Security of Assam Taxpayers

Considering Twitter,'' PM Narendra Modi explained,"that I desire to insure brothers and sisters of Assam they haven't a thing to stress right after the departure of c ab."

Curfew was enforced in Assam's Guwahati and also Dibrugarh to get an extended interval amid violent protests towards the Declaration (Amendment) Bill, '' a senior police officer claimed.

"I'd like to make sure these no body could simply take your rights away, exceptional individuality and gorgeous lifestyle. 
Military PRO Lt-Col P Khongsai explained two military columns are set up in Guwahati metropolis and also are doing flag marches.  The military has been set up in Tinsukia and Dibrugarh districts,'' officials stated.
"We shall occasionally examine the circumstance and also choose your choice to elevate it " he included.
Following the intensive protests more than c ab in north east nations, primary Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday promised that the citizens of Assam they haven't a thing to be worried about.   The passing of this monthly bill had seen substantially uproar by Opposition functions, which accused that the Central administration of ruining the structure.
"'' The Central govt and that I will be completely dedicated to independently protect the governmental, linguistic, ethnic and property rights of those Assamese public according to the soul of a 6,''" PM Modi explained in a second tweet.

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