The Real Cause Of Dark Circles & How You Can Deal With It

Most of us are well aware of the fact that prolonged exposure to stress and those sleepless nights can take a toll on your appearance, contributing to dark circles. In addition, genetic factors, hormones, and sunlight exposure also have a role to play . But, what is it that actually happens with dark circles?

The Science Behind Dark Circles

"The visibility of dark circles is actually a result of hemoglobin degradation, which occurs as blood cells accumulate beneath the delicate skin around the eyes"

Dark circles appear around the eyes because of the same body mechanism that also causes bruising.

Those dark circles that you see are actually oxidizing hemoglobin.

Dark under-eye circles originate from the capillaries or tiny blood vessels that populate the thin and delicate skin around your eyes. Because of the small size of these capillaries, red blood cells pass through at a very slow rate, at times resulting in a buildup in the area. Your body then deals with this accumulation by cleaning them up with enzymes that break down the cells.

Unfortunately, when hemoglobin in these cells is broken down, the leftover residue has a dark blue or black color, as with bruises. Hence the appearance of dark under eye circles.

How To Deal With Dark Circles Effectively?

Dark circles are extremely hard to deal with, because as you now know, they appear as a result of a biological process over which we have no control. Nevertheless, there are some home treatments that can help reduce the severity of dark circles, so don't be disillusioned by your past experience with home remedies that have no scientific backing.

So, here are some science backed tips for dark circles that can help address your problem with dark circles.

Berry Fruit Leaves

"Berry fruit leaves can help reduce pigmentation, lightening the skin to reduce the appearance of dark circles"

Fruits from the berry family, like strawberries certainly taste great, but their leaves can also help you fight dark circles. Unlike many other remedies that have little proven benefit, studies have shown that these leaves contain arbutin, which inhibits tyrosinase activity and melanosome maturation. To put it simply, this means that they will help reduce pigmentation, lightening the skin to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Cold Compress

"Applying a cold compress can help, as this reduces blood vessel dilation near the skin surface"

As the appearance of dark circles is linked with blood vessel dilation closer to the skin surface, applying a cold compress can help, as this reduces blood vessel dilation, shrinking the vessels. This also explains the apparent success of some remedies like the use of cucumber and potato slices, when chilled.


"Keep your head elevated slightly during sleep, as this minimizes fluid buildup in the lower eyelids"

Getting adequate sleep will not cure dark circles, but it can help to some extent, as it reduces puffiness and eye bag formation, which accentuates dark circles. According to some experts, keeping your head slightly elevated during sleep can also help, as this minimizes fluid buildup in the lower eyelids.

While none of these home treatments for dark circles will cure the problem for good, they do help to some extent, making them just as effective as cosmetic and medical treatments with eye creams or antihistamines. Although laser therapy is quite effective at treating dark circles, it can be extremely expensive and won't reduce hyperpigmentation.

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